The Web and Beyond

When PCs first came on the market nearly 30 years, ago they weren't very "user friendly".   And about all you could run was a word processor or a spreadsheet.  But, what software there was, was accompanied by a mountain of manuals and phone support was only a phone call away.  Now, PCs are much friendlier, and they all but bursting with software, some quite complicated.  Yet, there's not a shred of documentation, and a phone call gets you a either a robot or someone new to English.  More often than not, your "user friendly" computer seems to be "using" you, and You are stressed out.  Their's even a term for it now: "Computer Stress Syndrome". 

Cyber Serenity

At Web Sage we seek to relieve that stress and make your overall computer experience more placid and productive.  We can fix your PC if it's broken, make it faster if it's slow or tweak it to fit your needs and style.  If you need training, we can tutor you on most any aspect of PC usage from the basics of moving around your system, to the use of more sophisticated software packages.  For your store or small business, we can harmoniously link PCs, Printers, Copiers & other business devices.

Web Sage is based in Bozeman, MT and assists individuals, homes and small to medium sized businesses in greater Bozeman who seek more from their technology investment.  Not only do we know the technology but, with more than 25 years of experience and literally thousands of installed PCs, we know what works for your home or your business.